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of Banking Expertise
module Client s Expectation Who are your clients and do you know them? This module provides an academic view on expectations and behaviours of the various client clusters.

module Pandora s Box These mini-modules take a light-hearted look at being street smart. The themes cover chart analysis, economic growth, compound interest, compound earnings, etc.

module Wallet Sizing A real eye opener for most participants. This session provides and in-depth as well as a provocative view on present day banking, as well as the future course of banking. One main question is: Do we still need banks?

module Picasso Much talked about but often misunderstood. This easy to apply method will help to determine what to expect from each individual client as well as client clusters. It is fast, it is simple and it is effective.

module Financial Literacy A brainstorming session on creative product development. Potential banking products for the future are explored during this session.

module Segmentation A picture tells more than a thousand words. This short module gives a short historical overview of banks and helps to better understand the future of banking.

module Value Based Management The decision on which client to serve is as old as banking. This structured session gives you insights on the life & product cycles of various client groups, allows time for wallet clustering and account alignment sessions.
module Client ProfitabilityNot limited to banking only, it is a great way to separate the wheat from the chaff. It shows how to run a bank beyond its P&L. Also it conveys knowledge on Time Value of Money, Cost of Capital and deepens the understanding of Economic Profit.

module Basel I & II How much do you earn on a client? An easy question but hard to answer, especially for banks. This module shows the difficulty in doing so, but also the simple elegance of getting to reliable client profitability numbers. A good bi-product is a better understanding of the client, and hence how it should increase profitability greater.

module History The whole Basel regulation is a must know for every banker ... in theory. In practice it is not so widely understood. This session, as well as the whole banking simulation - deal with this issue.

module Making of Frankenstein? A funny though serious session on what is wrong with banking. This discussion focuses on recent scandals (LTCM, sub-prime, etc) and looks at its roots. Not only will you understand what happened but also why it happened.

module Midas Formula A 45 minute banking documentary video which competes easily with any Hollywood financial thriller and yet it is real life!

module Products Various Product sessions help to gain a whole rounded experience and understanding of banking. Starting from mind mapping to an interactive product roulette game, and from case studies on clients to product presentations.

module Network Case As banking gets more and more international and complex, the network case helps to really understand the banking world via a life simulation game on Multisourced Export Finance.