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... a unique and highly concentrated programme
of Banking Expertise
A trainee pilot learns to fly in a simulator. Of course, it would be too expensive and dangerous to learn with real aircraft and real passengers. A banker learns banking by trying to do business with real money and real clients; hence to use our analogy, a banker learns banking by using a multimillion $ aircraft full of clients, and the owner of the aircraft hopes that everything will be alright. Not a very promising start, though. Get To Know Banking fills this void by providing a simulation which adapts itself to the real life; done by seasoned bankers for up and coming bankers. It puts you be in the drivers' seat of a bank and to run the bank through various ever-changing quarters until you come to grips with banking.

Groups of 15 to 25 participants are divided into subgroups of 5. Each subgroup represents one bank, its participants are the managing board, steering committee and ALCO at the same time and have to make decisions on a broad range of banking matters.
Upon finishing one round which equals 1 quarter, all the banks in the competition will receive quarterly financial information about their own performance, their competitors (only if they paid for it), and about the economy in general.
Based on this information a new round will be played. After 1 year a shareholders' meeting is prepared where the various boards present their results and are open to questions.

In between rounds there is a wide array of modules which encompasses real banking, like our Pandora's Box on current developments in banking, or modules on Client Segmentation, Wallet Sizing and Value Based Management. But Get To Know Banking is also about preparing a SWOT analysis on your bank as well as its peer competitors, understanding the various banking products and looking at banking scandals like LTCM, Barings and the sub prime crisis from a different perspective.

Complement this with supporting pre- and post- classroom e-learning courses and Get To Know Banking will really add value both to you individually and your organization.